Core Workout: Build a Strong Core!


A well rounded core workout to help you strengthen your abs & low back!

A strong core not only helps you protect your low back, but it gives you a base of support when lifting weights in the gym, or even during your daily activities at home. Below is a workout consisting of 5 exercises. Two cable moves, two resistance band & one hanging exercise to help target that stubborn lower ab.


3-minute light bike
Hip Band (HB) Side to Side Steps: 30
HB High Knee Holds (1s): 30
Resistance Band (RB) Reverse Flies: 15
RB Adductions: 15

Image result for hip band(picture of a Hip Resistance Band in case you didn’t know!)


Exercise #1: Cable Crunches

Starting off with the basics! Set the cable at the highest position with a rope attachment. If you have a pad, kneel on the bad to support the knees. When you crunch down, I want you to lat pulldown so the ropes are right by your ears. Keep your back tight so it’s stuck in this position throughout the whole crunch. Crunch down by bringing your elbows to your knees, hold for a second, then slowly lower yourself by up to fully stretch your abs.  Take a look at the video for a visual representation!

4setsx15reps: 30-45s rest between sets

Exercise #2: Oblique Cable Crunch

A good variation to the cable crunch! This will help target your obliques, the side of your core. Kneel on the bad & bring a handle attachment down to your ear. Crunch down at an angle towards the middle of your body. Here’s a video of the exercise.

(lol at my face)

3×12-15 each side: 15-30s rest between sides

Exercise #3: Hanging Scissor Kick Leg Raises

OoO, this was a good one! Took the traditional scissor kick from the floor, & advanced it to a hanging move. This is significantly harder, I could only do 3-5 each time! Take it slow & control your movements with your core.

3×3-5 reps: 30-60s rest

Exercise #4: Resistance Band Power Oblique Crunches

Take some time to really work on this move! This takes a lot of core strength & stabilization in order to properly perform the exercise. Be in a staggered stance under a suspended resistance band. Loop it through your shoulder & grab the band with both arms. Make sure to keep it tight as you crunch across your body to your opposite knee. Crunch with power & hold each rep at the bottom of the move to work on the stabilization aspect of your core.

3×8 each side: 30s rest between sides

Exercise #5: Resistance Band Reverses Hyperextensions

Gotta hit that low back! I added a leg abduction to help target the glutes. All this is the outwards movement of your legs. More muscles will be activated around the hips & back so it will help support the low back.

3×12-15 each side: 30s rest between sets.


20-minute Moderate Intensity Cycle. Kept my heart rate between 120-130 bpm. 70-80 RPMs @ 10 resistance.


5-minute light cardio cooldown


A variety of exercises to help hit all aspects of the core! If you have any questions about the workout, please leave a comment below. I’ll be sure to respond to further help you out in your fitness journey! If you’re interested in training with me, there will be more information in my Online Coaching tab. Please reach out via email if you’re ready to start training with me! Hope to hear from you soon.







Consult a doctor before performing any part of this workout explained above. Physical activity is good for the body, but does raise the risk of serious health effects especially in those with CVD & other health relative issues.

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