Online Personal Training

How does Online Personal Training work?

   The most common question I get asked when I talk to my friends, family, or potential clients is “How does online personal training (OPT) work?” I’d love to tell you!

   The way I handle OPT is through an app called TrueCoach. TrueCoach is an app specifically for online personal trainers. The best way I describe TrueCoach is it allows me to keep the personal in personal training when done online. Here’s how it works.

   When you decide to sign up for a 12 or 16 week online program with me, I will send you out an email with an invitation to start training with me using the TrueCoach app. Once you have downloaded the app & accepted the invite, we can start the online training!

   Each client receives their very own TrueCoach Client Profile. This is where you will:

  • See your workouts for the week with; sets, reps, rest time, weight, & a video of all the exercises you are asked to perform.
  • Update your workout logs for me to keep track of.
  • See your goals on a daily basis so you’re constantly reminded on what you’re working towards.
  • See your daily calorie & macro (protein/carb/fat) goals.
  • Update your nutrition logs so I can get an idea on how your nutrition plan is going.
  •  See what metrics that we will be tracking. Examples would be your weight & certain exercises in the gym.
  • Keep track of your progress pics.
  • Find helpful documents to provide more information, education, & motivation for you in your program.

   So yeah, TrueCoach is pretty cool! Here’s what some of my past clients had to say about their online training experience.

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Why online personal training?

   I truly believe online personal training will be the new gold standard for personal training. 1 on 1 is still extremely effective, but times are changing & it’s time to jump on the OPT ship! Here’s why.

  1. Scheduling is not an issue. You workout when you have the time not when it fits both the trainer & client’s schedule.
  2. Results ARE possible. You will be provided the blueprint to achieve your goals. All you have to do is trust the process & work. There’s no shortcuts.
  3. You get to work with a certified personal trainer & fitness professional. I’ve received my bachelor’s in exercise science, have been training for over a year, & learned from my own 4+ year fitness journey.
  4. TrueCoach is a user friendly and interactive app that will provide you with the accountability, guidance, & motivation needed to reach your fitness goals.
  5. It’s cheaper than traditional 1 on 1 personal training.
  6. Your program will be 100% customized for you & only you. Everyone is different so everyone deserves to get programmed differently.
  7. Weekly checkins will keep you on the right track. If you have any questions this is the perfect time to ask them.
  8. There’s a huge learning curve with fitness & nutrition & an online program with Asmus Personal Training will shorten that learning curve. I’ve had clients leave me not because they didn’t enjoy working with me, but because they feel so confident that they can continue on their own without me. That’s a good feeling.
  9. I will be your own macro coach. I won’t provide you with a meal plan because I am not a registered dietician, but I will teach you how to eat properly to fit your macro goals.
  10. I could think of more, but 9 will do!

   Take a look of what my past clients thought about their program.


Molly, 12-Week Fat Loss Program

“The program went great! Honestly I just loved going to the gym already knowing what I was going to do and just doing it, it cut down a lot of downtime in the gym and I was able to just get in, do the workout, get out! It was very nice! I also loved the way I was able to keep track of how much I was lifting and being able to see how I’ve progressed! Mostly, I LOVED the accountability. I know I have been really bad at texting back but just knowing I had a text from you kept me motivated and I knew what I had to do! If it weren’t for that I honestly don’t think I would have stuck with it. I feel confident that the gym is part of my every day routine now and if I don’t go now, it’s weird and I don’t feel like my day is complete, unless my body is just super tired and I don’t wanna push it! I’m wayyyy more confident in the gym too! Like I am not afraid to walk around the weight room and do my thing, it’s sorta still intimidating but I’m there enough where I recognize a lot of the people there just by going almost every day so I’m more comfortable. And I feel like I can go on any machine and do my thing too, I don’t get nervous of looking like an idiot haha😂 my nutrition definitely could’ve been better but that’s still something I have to work on with myself and I’ll get there one day! With the program though, I have become way more conscious about what I’m eating and if I do eat a lot or something super bad I just watch what I eat the rest of the day and try and cut down, however being in college definitely doesn’t help because usually I will eat whatever I can bc groceries are so expensive 😭 and I’m so worn down by the end of the day that I don’t feel like cooking! But I’ll continue to work on that! I honestly feel like having this program has helped me just come more conscious about my health in general and I don’t think I can ever lose that, I’ll continue to grow with it and continue to better myself! Honestly, might think about doing another program with you in the future ☺️ I’m so thankful for all of this.”

Desmond, 12-Week Fat Loss Program

“Before I began working out with Noah, I was in a bad place. I had been neglecting my health and my happiness for years—using every excuse to justify my weight and lack of fitness. At the root of all those excuses was fear. I was afraid of failing to lose weight (again), afraid of being unwelcome at the gym, afraid of the cost, and afraid my body couldn’t do it. I was also afraid that I was going to have to face up to the fact that, deep down, I didn’t believe I was worth the effort. Then I met Noah. Noah met me where I was and never made me feel bad for having not one damn clue what I was doing. He knew exactly when to push, when to encourage, and when to back off. His knowledge of fitness and nutrition is deep and scientific, but it is Noah’s genuine passion for helping people that makes him truly special. Even though I am now continuing my fitness journey solo, Noah remains a dear friend and resource.”

Aric, 16-Week Muscle Building Program

“Asmus Personal Training is perfect for anyone. My program was tailored to me and my goals which really helped me see a difference in the areas I wanted to target the most. Almost immediately i could feel the results as I could see myself getting stronger week after week. Working with Noah is easy and fits seamlessly into my life. Along with being flexible Noah checks in almost everyday and provides motivation and advice to help keep me going. If you’re looking to start, continue or maintain your fitness journey, I would highly recommend training with APT.”

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What's holding you back from committing?

   Numerous of times I’ve had potential clients express how badly they want to change, but when I provide them with the opportunity they do not commit. From my experience, I’ve noticed common threads that hold people back.

  1. Price. Obviously, this is not going to be free. My services come with a price. If someone truly wants whatever service or product price won’t be an issue if deemed reasonable. Think about it this way. Will an online client work harder if the service is free or with price? There’s more incentive when you pay for the service.
  2. It’s not the right time. Ok, then when will it? Most likely, change has been a thought for a long time & I’m sure this isn’t the first time this excuse has come up! It all comes down to priorities. Is health & fitness a priority or not?
  3. I don’t believe in myself. A lot of times people have already seen some type of progress, stopped, & then lost it all again. I call these people “yo-yoers.” You go up & down up & down up & down & so on & so on. But I think the issue issn’t about seeing results it’s about not quitting. My goal is to teach you the tools necessary to have a successful & sustainable fitness journey.
  4. Unsure about online training. I get it! This is a new service that has been offered, but has honestly been so helpful for so many coaches & clients! I saw so much opportunity with it that I made it my goal to become full time online! I do understand the uncertainty with it & is why I offer a free week trial!

Try out my free week trial!

Ready to start your program?

   If you made it to this page thus far I’m pretty confident you’re extremely interested! I encourage to simply apply for either the trial or for a program. It takes 5 seconds to fill out the application. That’s 5 seconds closer towards being on the right track towards your fitness goals. Don’t wait another second. APPLY NOW!

   If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out via email or social media. Hope to hear from you soon!