8 Week Hypertrophy Challenge

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If your New Years goal is to build muscle & strength this E-book will be a great start in your fitness journey! Here’s everything you need to know about the E-book.

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This E-book is designed to get you stronger & build muscle. Along with the 8 week lifting program that’s in the E-book, there’s an explanation of the lifting split you will be performing, the methods behind the program design, links to videos on how to properly perform the bench press/squat/deadlift, nutrition advice & information, daily caloric intakes calculator, how to track your progress, & tips of how to keep the right mentality for this program.

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I also have created a private Facebook group for all of the challenge members to interact with, motivate each other, allow you to ask questions if needed, & allow me to be every members Online Personal Trainer for these 8 weeks. There will be a video on the Facebook page of myself going through the E-book & explaining everything so you know exactly what to expect & hopefully answer any questions you might have. I will be posting just about every single day with nutrition tips, motivation, challenge updates, meal ideas, & more information that will help you out in this challenge.

Since this is a challenge the top three winners win prizes! The first place winner wins a free month of Online Personal Training ($300 dollar value) & a free APT t-shirt. The second place winner gets a $50 dollar amazon gift card & an an APT t-shirt. The third place winner gets a $25 dollar amazon gift card & an APT t-shirt.

I’m choosing the winner based off of their percentage increase in weight on their deadlift, bench, & squat. Percentage relates to your body weight. For example, someone who is 200lbs can a lift more than someone who is 150lbs. I take that into perspective a calculate your percentage increase in all three lifts.

1) You’re not serious about getting stronger & bigger.
2) You’re not motivated to push your limits.
3) If you’re expecting an easy way out.
4) You’re not mentally ready to work.
5) Have any sort of bone/joint injury that will limit your strength success.
6) Your goal is to lose weight.
7) Do not have a gym membership.
8) Unable to commit to an 8 week program.
9) Do not have a Facebook account to join in the private Facebook group. But you can easily create one.

I’m looking for motivated individuals who are ready to transform their lives & body.

If that’s you then I encourage you to join in on this challenge!

This challenge starts on January 14, 2018. You have until then to decide if you’re ready to make some gains (;

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8 Week Hypertrophy & Strength Challenge

Looking for motivated young men who are serious about gaining muscle & strength in 2019!


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