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With my ACSM Personal Training Certification, I am recommended to have any possible client go through a prescreening process.

I would love to jump right in to training together, but we do this prescreening process for safety reasons. Exercise helps us improve our health, but it also increases the chance of a Cardiovascular Event, especially those with a CVD. So it’s important to minimize the risk & make sure you’re physically ready to start a plan!

With that said, this link will take you to the PAR-Q+ form that is required to be filled out.


After you have filled out the form, send it to my email The next step is to fill out my Prescreening Questionnaire!

This form is created by your boy & is helpful to design a program specifically for you! I personally create each & every clients plan based on these answers. Programming is complicated, but this form will help simplify the process & get you on the right plan towards your goals.

It’s roughly 30 questions long & will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete!

Prescreening Questionnaire

The next step is picking a package that’s best for you! This link will take you to the right place (:

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