Results Are Possible
Results Take Hard Work
Results Take Belief
Results Take Consistency
Results Require Effort
Results Don’t Lie

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Meet the Owner of Asmus Personal Training.

Hi There! So excited you came across APT’s website! I’ll make this ice breaker short & sweet for you to get a better idea of who i am!
My name is Noah. i created Apt in the summer of 2018. I am a full time one on one personal trainer, online personal trainer, & business owner.
I graduated from Kent state university in may of 2018 with a degree in exercise science. I became certified as a personal trainer through acsm in August of 2017.
since creating apt, we have helped hundred’s of individuals through our training programs, instagram/facebook account, private facebook group, answering questions in our dm’s, & just in everyday life being a role model on how to live a successful fit & healthy lifestyle that not only is one to enjoy, but also a sustainable one.
Apt’s mission is to educate individuals on how to properly reach their fitness goals through diet & exercise backed by science. I emphasize backed by science, because there is a lot of misinformation on the internet & my goal is to shed light on what truly matters.
It’s a lot easier than you think & i’d love for you to give me the opportunity to teach you!

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