Meet Noah




Hey there! Noah Asmus here. B.A. Exercise Science, ACSM CPT, & owner of Asmus Personal Training – LLC.

A little background knowledge about me. I grew up in a small town called Rossford, Ohio. All my child hood was pretty much built around sports & video games. My two favorite sports were football & baseball & my two favorite video games were COD World at War & MW2. If I wasn’t playing a sport I was probably gaming.

I graduated from Rossford High in 2014 & decided to study Exercise Science at Kent State University. During my time at college I decided to hang up the cleats & start a fitness journey after gaining the cliche freshman fifteen. I completely fell in love, became very passionate about health & fitness, & decided to turn my passion into a profession.

I graduated from KSU in May of 2018 & I created APT the summer following my graduation. My vision was to create an Online & One-on-One Personal Training company to help transform as many lives & bodies as possible. We far APT has helped over 100 individuals towards success in a life long fitness journey.