Pull Day: Back Attack


This workout has a bunch of variety that will help you kill your next pull workout!

9 exercises broken down into 5 back exercises, 3 biceps, & 1 core exercise! A lot of volume to help you break out of a plateau & start to make some muscle gains!


Resistance Band (RB) Reverse Flies: 20
RB Adductions: 20
RB Internal/External Shoulder Rotations: 15 each
Hip Band Side to Side Steps: 30


Exercise #1: Pullups
30-total: 60-90s rest between stops

Recently, I’ve been starting my pull workouts with pull-ups. As I continue to increase weight & muscle mass, pull-ups will progressively become harder. The more weight I put on, the harder it’ll be to pull myself up. To minimize this effect, I’m focusing on starting off with a certain amount of pull-ups! There’s no set/rep range. Just go until you reach 30 pull-ups! It took me 5 sets. 10, 6, 6, 4, & 4. Make to to full extend your shoulders at the bottom & fully contract you back muscles by bringing your chin up & over the bar.

Exercise #2: Ring Inverted Rows
4×8: 60-90s rest

Another challenging calisthenic move! I added a bench to involve a deficit. This makes the move tougher. You don’t have to! But, if you want to challenge yourself give it a try. Again, make sure to fully extend & fully contract. Focus on feeling your back muscles rather than your biceps. To help you out, imagine that there’s a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Your goal is to squeeze that tennis ball as hard as you can every rep with your shoulder blades.

Exercise #3: Supported DB Row Dropset
2 dropsets each arm: 15-30s rest between arms

Dropsets are a great way to add more volume to your workouts. Pick a weight where 8-10 reps is a challenge. Once you fail, cut the weight in half & perform that next weight until failure. This will really burn your muscles out! 2 dropsets will do the trick here (:

Exercise #4: Machine Low Row Pause Reps
3×5-8: 3-5s pauses: 60-90s rest between sets

OoO baby! If you have an issue engaging your back muscles, this will be a perfect exercise to work on your mind muscle connection. The objective is to maximally contract your back muscles every time you pause. This gives you an opportunity to fix your form if needed in order to contract properly. Drive those elbows back, keep your core tight, & make sure to breathe through this movement.

Exercise #5: Cable Face Pulls (rope attachment)
3×12: 30-60s rest

Time to flood those muscles with blood! I love this exercise because it’s a great way to target the upper back. Keep your elbows high & think about splitting the middle of your forehead with the rope.

Exercise #6: Alternating Cable Flex Curls
3×12 each arm: 30s rest

You could easily perform this exercise at the same time, but I wanted to switch it up a bit. Performing it this way challenges your core. One side of your body will have a weight moving towards your body & one side will have weight moving away from your body. Make sure to use your core to keep yourself stable. Try your best not to round your back & focus on squeezing those biceps!

Exercise #7: Seated Alternating Rotational DB Biceps Curl Dropset
2 dropsets: 30s rest between dropsets

Same idea here. This is a great way to challenge your core. I started with 30lbs & reached 10 reps, 5 each arm. Slow & controlled is the name of the game. After I failed, I moved down to 15lbs to finish out the dropset. Woooo baby this burned! Keep that core tight & focus on squeezing your biceps at the top of each rep.

Exercise #8: Standing DB Hammer Curls
2×10: 30s rest

Hammer curls are when your palms face each other. This style of curl targets your forearms a bit more & a muscle that lies deep underneath your biceps. This will help give your biceps some depth. Give it a try!

Exercise #9: Roman Chair Knee Raises
4×12: 30-60s rest

A quick tip with this exercise. It’s not just a knee raise. If you look at my hips in the mirror, you’ll notice after the knee raise that I’m also raising my hips. This will help target that stubborn lower ab to help your develop those babies! This little movement makes this exercise significantly harder. Take some time to practice this move. If you can’t get 12 reps, just shoot for 30 reps total like I did with the pull-ups earlier (:

lol @ my butt sweat, hahahah


5-10 minute full body stretch


A high volume workout! If you’re a beginner to lifting (less than 3 months in), my recommendation is to choose 4 exercises to perform here. If you’re intermediate (3 months- 1 year) pick 6 exercises for your lift. & if you’re an advanced lifter, good luck! Please leave a comment letting me know what you think & if you have any questions! I’ll be sure to respond to them as soon as I can (: If you’re interested in training with me, you can find all the information you need to know on my Working With Me & Online Coaching tab. If you’re ready to start, please fill out my “Let’s Get Fit” form on my Home tab. If you have not yet, follow my Instagram & Twitter account to get more tips to help YOU out in your fitness journey. With that said, kill this workout! I hope to hear from you soon (:







Consult a doctor before performing any part of this workout explained above. Physical activity is good for the body, but does raise the risk of serious health effects especially in those with CVD & other health relative issues.



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