Pull Day: With the William Brothers


Today’s pull day was incredible!

Finally worked out with Kenny William. He’s a manager/owner at the gym I workout at. His younger brother, Jordan, worked out too! They’re both athletes. Kenny played football at Texas Tech & Jordan currently plays at the University of Toledo! Jordan helpedĀ  me strengthen up my lower back with Reverse Hyperextensions & Kenny’s knowledge on hitting the upper back & traps helped immensely! A lot of good vibes & a lot of learning were the two takeaways from this training session.


Resistance Band (RB) Side to Side Steps : 30 each leg
RB High Knee Hold : 20 each leg
RB Shoulder Internal/External Rotations: 15 each rotation, each arm
RB Reverse Flies: 15
RB Shoulder Presses: 15

This next exercise was not part of the warmup, but Jordan showed me this half way through our first exercise. I’m planning on adding it in my warmups for now on.

Reverse Hypers: 15 double legged, 15 single legged


Exercise 1:
Wide Grip Machine Assisted Pull-ups: 2×8 @ 30lbs, 2×8 @ 50lbs.

The goal for this exercise is to focus on using your back muscle properly in the pull-up. Start with your shoulders fully extended. When you start the lift, really think about pulling your weight from your elbows instead of your hands & drive those elbows down & back behind your body. This will help you target your back more instead of your biceps.

60-90s rest between sets

Exercise 2:
Hammer Strength Close Grip Rows: 3×8 & 1×10 & 85lbs.

Oh baby! It’s time to increase weight. That last set I was able to get 10 when 8 was the target. That’s progress & that’s exciting. Little gains like that over time will go along way! You have to trust the process. But, same idea applies here. Think about pulling from your elbows. Now, imagine that there’s a tennis ball between your scaps & you’re trying to squeeze that tennis ball as hard a possible every rep.

60-90s rest between sets

Exercise 3:
SuperSet: Machine Wide Row SS Bent Over High Rows: 4×8-12 @ 90lbs/4×8-12 @ 50lbs.

With the bent over row, we modified a shoulder press machine by standing on the seat & row the handles up from that position. I would not recommend this for most lifters, so to modify we can just use Dumbbells instead.

30-60s rest between supersets

Exercise 4:
SuperSet: Hammer Strength Low Row SS Trap Lat Pulldowns: 4×8-10 @ 70lbs/4×8-12 @ 70lbs.

This is where Kenny blew my mind. Each exercise was slightly modified to target the traps and upper back. This is what Kenny told me to do when perform the low row: keep your elbows tight to your body & pull from your elbows in a moon shape. At the top of the moon, squeeze your traps for 2-3 seconds & slowly lower the weight back down. Mind blown. That was the first tip.

Here’s a of me explaining Kenny’s Trap Lay Pulldown Exercise:



One note I forgot to mention is to make sure you pull from your elbows & to keep your elbows back. This was a killer superset.

30-60s rest between supersets

Exercise 5:
SuperSet: EZ Bar Attachment Straight Armed Pulldowns SS Kneeling X-Pulldowns
4×12-15 @ 80lbs/4×12-15 @ 30lbs.

Continuing to burn out that back. SHEESH! Here is a video of the X-Pulldowns.


Exercise 6:
Dropset/SuperSet: Reverse Dumbbell (DB) Forearm Curl SS DB Forearm Curl.

This might sound complicated, but let me explain. You superset the reverse curl with the regular curl. The dropset comes into play because each set you’re performing 50 reps. For example: I started with my left arm & started with reverse curls at 10 lbs. I made it to about 30 reps, so I dropped the weight to 5 lbs & continued until I reached 50. Then, go right to regular forearm curl with theh 10 lbs, made it to around the same area, & finished it out with 5lbs. I alternated between arms until I hit 2 sets each arm. It was tough.

Exercise 7:
Progression/Regression: DB Curls

Here is an example of a progression/regression. I used 12.5 lbs, 17.5lbs, & 25lbs. I started with the 12’s @ 15 reps. Moved to the 17’s for 12 reps, then 8 reps at the 25lbs. Rested for 20-30s, then went back down starting with the 25lbs for 8, then 17 for 12, & finished 15 reps with the 12’s. This is tough. The idea here is to flood the biceps and forearms with blood. Form will start off decent, but will gradually become “cheat curls” towards the end. If you’re body is capable to handle this type of intensity, by all means try it out! If not, a stand 3×15 DB curls with do (:

5-10 minute full body stretch


Kenny & Jordan, ya’ll whooped my ass today! I learned a lot & am excited to hit another lift again soon!

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think or any question you might have.



Consult a doctor before performing any of these exercises explained above. Physical activity is good for the body, but does raise the risk of serious effects especially in those with CVD & other health relative issues that raise this risk.

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