Push Day: Build an Upper Chest


Your chest muscle is one large muscle that can be split up into your upper, middle, & lower chest. This workout is designed to blast your upper chest to help you create a full looking upper body!

This workout consists of 4 different upper chest exercises & 2 tricep TRIPLE dropsets. “Did he say triple dropset…” Fuck yeah I did! OoO baby, grab some popcorn, take a seat, cause you’re in for a ride.


5-minute light bike
Hip Band Side to Side Steps: 20 each side
Resistance Band (RB) Up Right Rows: 15
RB Internal/External Shoulder Rotations: 12 each
RB Y-Press: 12


Exercise #1: Inclined Barbell Bench Regressions

Regression sets are a unique way to build strength! Each set you decrease reps & increase weight. For example; there were 3 sets in my regressions. The first set was 12 reps at 135lbs, the 2nd set was for 10 reps at 155lbs, & the 3rd set was for 8 reps at 165lbs. Pretty cool dude. When performing this move, make sure to have your feet firmly planted on the ground, keep your core tight, & lower the bar right above your nipple for an optimal loading position! Take a look. (2nd set shown, almost failed, yikes)

2-minute rest in between sets

Exercise #2: DB Incline Bench Regressions

Same idea! Except we’re using dumbbells instead of a barbell. I favor DB’s more than barbells because they allow for a greater ROM with the shoulders. However, I have not performed a barbell incline bench press in a minute. SO, today I decided to switch it up a bit! Always gotta keep your body guessing. Here’s the video (2nd set shown with 55lb DB’s)

2-minute rest in between sets

Exercise #3: Standing Cross Body DB Front Raise

This is a cool one. Front raises are designed to target your anterior deltoid, but performing them across your body helps target your upper chest! Crazy what a little switch can do for an exercise. Think about bringing the DB across your body to your opposite ear. Place your hand on your working muscle to help give you a better connection to that muscle. You will see me doing this in the mirror. I performed 3 sets of 12 reps each arm. Take a look.

0-15s rest between arms

Exercise #4: Cross Body Incline Hammer Strength Press

Adjust your body so one shoulder is against the back pad while you’re facing the handle you’re moving. Keep your shoulder blade retracted & fully extend your arm across your body. The contraction you will feel on your upper chest will be intense! This is a good way to modify the HS Inc Press to challenge your body in a different way. For a visual representation, take a look at this video.

3×12 each arm, 0-15s rest between arms

Exercise #5: EZ Bar Close Grip Bench Triple Dropset

Warning, your triceps will burn. I repeat, your triceps will burn. Funny thing about this; originally I was going to do a skullcrusher, but the weight was too heavy, lmao. So a close grip bench was my alternative! Keep that core tight & make sure your elbows stay tight. Don’t let them flare out! Take a look at the video for the pain.

1 dropset

Exercise #6: Cable Triceps Pushdown Triple Dropset

Another triple dropset, but with a different exercise! I did not record this exercise because I was really feeling the music that came on my shuffle. Whenever I record the music stops playing. It was only 1 dropset, but a good way to finish out the workout!


5-10 minute full body stretch


This is a great workout to help you develop your upper chest! Many people lack strength & muscularity in this portion, so take the time to work on your weakness (if this is one of yours) & try this workout out! If you were interested in training with me, you can find all the information you need to know in my Working With Me & Online Coaching tab. Ready to start your fitness journey? Fill out my “Let’s Get Fit” form on my Home page & I’ll email you shortly! If you have any questions about this workout, please leave a comment below so I can address any concern you might have! If you have not yet, follow me on my Instagram & Twitter for more posts to help you out in your fitness journey! Hope this post has helped you out, take care (:







Consult a doctor before performing any part of this workout explained above. Physical activity is good for the body, but does raise the risk of serious health effects especially in those with CVD & other health relative issues.


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