Shoulder Day: Supersets Baby!


If you’ve never tried supersets, especially for shoulder day, give this WOG a look!

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of heavy pressing; specifically the Seated DB Shoulder Press & the Standing OH Press. Both great movements to develop your shoulders! But I was looking for something different today. Light weight & a lot of volume! Oh baby, this workout felt good! 3 different supersets, 1 shoulder exericse & 1 core exercise. Let’s get to it.

Reference: SS = superset (:


Hip Resistance Bands (HRB) Side to Side Steps: 20
HRB Diagonal Steps – front & left foot forward: 10 each way
HRB Front to Back steps – front & left foot forward: 10 each way
HRB High Knees: 40
Resistance Band (RB) External/Internal Shoulder Rotations: 15 each
RB Reverse Flies: 10
RB Overhead (OH) Adductions: 10
RB Shoulder Breakers: 10

(I was feeling really tight today haha)


Exercise #1
Standing OH DB Shoulder Press SS DB Side Raises
3×12-15 each exercise: 30-60s rest between supersets

Few things here to be aware of. When doing any type of overhead press, understand this will put a lot of compression on your lower spine. It’s important to keep your core tight & squeeze your buttcheeks together as hard as possible. This will help stabilize your spine & protect it from injury! For all of these supersets, the goal is to pick a lightweight that makes you have to push through the “burn” when lifting. We want to shoot as much blood to our working muscles as possible! Take a look at the videos.

Exercise #2
Reverse Grip EZ Bar OH Press SS DB Front Raises
3×10-15 each
30-60s rest between supersets

Quick little tip, the more your arms are rotated forward, the more engagement out of the anterior delt. You can perform a press in a normal grip, neutral grip (palms facing each other), or a reverse grip like I have shown. Supersetting this with a front raise absolutely torches the front delt!

Exercise #3
Power Machine Shoulder Press
3×10: 60s rest

I want you to take a close look at what my shoulders do at the top of the movement. Notice it? If not let me explain. I’m slowly lowering the weight down so when I get to the bottom of the movement, I explode up with power! The top of the move is finished with shoulder elevation. This will engage your traps & fully elevate your shoulders to complete a full ROM. Pretty neat little trick! Try it out. First few reps show without the shoulder elevation, the last bit shows it with the elevation.

Exercise #4
Barbell Up Right Row SS Barbell Shrugs
3×10 each
30-60s rest between supersets

Burning those traps out! For the up right rows, you want your elbows to be slightly higher than your hands. Think about pulling from your elbows & keep the bar nice & tight to your body. With the shrug, you really want to jam your shoulders up towards your ears as high as possible! This was a good one.

Exercise #5
30-60s rest between stops

A good core exercise to finish off the workout!


10-minute football toss with some buddies at the gym.


This was a killer workout! Like I mentioned, I’ve been doing a lot of heavy compound movements for shoulders, so this was a good way to switch things up! Always have to add variety into your lifts. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think & if you have any questions! I’ll be sure to respond to them as soon as I can (: If you’re interested in training with me, you can find all the information you need to know on my Working With Me & Online Coaching tab. If you’re ready to start, please fill out my “Let’s Get Fit” form on my Home tab. If you have not yet, follow my Instagram & Twitter account to get more tips to help YOU out in your fitness journey. With that said, kill this workout! I hope to hear from you soon (:







Consult a doctor before performing any part of this workout explained above. Physical activity is good for the body, but does raise the risk of serious health effects especially in those with CVD & other health relative issues.


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