Jim, Fat Loss 1 on 1 Program

“I started my weight loss journey a little over a year ago. I couldn’t easily cut my toenails.. I hated how I looked. I hated how I felt. I knew that my present path would have me leave this Earth sooner than I’d like. I started with making the decision to try keto. I did 2 months and dropped some weight. After 2 months I couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t like how I felt and I didn’t like my diet. I tried weight watchers for a few months after that and again had some success. Then I stalled. I came across APT on Instagram somehow and I reached out to Noah. That was late last fall. We started training and then due to finances took a break. This spring we reconnected and it’s been a fruitful journey. Learning to dial in my nutrition and gaining endurance in the gym have been game changers. I had great success on my first program and before it was over I recommitted to another. Noah knows his stuff and I appreciate what he does to help me. I’m going to be his biggest success story. Keep updated.”

Paige, Muscle Building Hybrid Client

“I’ve always struggled to keep weight and muscle on, I’ve always been kind of lanky, not much definition. But with this program I was able to put on muscle mass and tone, and I’ve never had much of that.”

Molly, Online Fat Loss Program

“The program went great! Honestly I just loved going to the gym already knowing what I was going to do and just doing it, it cut down a lot of downtime in the gym and I was able to just get in, do the workout, get out! It was very nice! I also loved the way I was able to keep track of how much I was lifting and being able to see how I’ve progressed! Mostly, I LOVED the accountability. I know I have been really bad at texting back but just knowing I had a text from you kept me motivated and I knew what I had to do! If it weren’t for that I honestly don’t think I would have stuck with it. I feel confident that the gym is part of my every day routine now and if I don’t go now, it’s weird and I don’t feel like my day is complete, unless my body is just super tired and I don’t wanna push it! I’m wayyyy more confident in the gym too! Like I am not afraid to walk around the weight room and do my thing, it’s sorta still intimidating but I’m there enough where I recognize a lot of the people there just by going almost every day so I’m more comfortable. And I feel like I can go on any machine and do my thing too, I don’t get nervous of looking like an idiot hahamy nutrition definitely could’ve been better but that’s still something I have to work on with myself and I’ll get there one day! With the program though, I have become way more conscious about what I’m eating and if I do eat a lot or something super bad I just watch what I eat the rest of the day and try and cut down, however being in college definitely doesn’t help because usually I will eat whatever I can bc groceries are so expensive and I’m so worn down by the end of the day that I don’t feel like cooking! But I’ll continue to work on that! I honestly feel like having this program has helped me just come more conscious about my health in general and I don’t think I can ever lose that, I’ll continue to grow with it and continue to better myself! Honestly, might think about doing another program with you in the future I’m so thankful for all of this.”

Aric, Online Muscle Building Program

“Asmus Personal Training is perfect for anyone. My program was tailored to me and my goals which really helped me see a difference in the areas I wanted to target the most. Almost immediately i could feel the results as I could see myself getting stronger week after week. Working with Noah is easy and fits seamlessly into my life. Along with being flexible Noah checks in almost everyday and provides motivation and advice to help keep me going. If you’re looking to start, continue or maintain your fitness journey, I would highly recommend training with APT.”

Amanda, 1 on 1 Fat Loss Program

I went back and forth about posting this because I was embarrassed about how I look in the first picture. But then I decided that I shouldn’t be embarrassed because shit happens, and I was proud of myself for taking the step towards doing something about it. In the first picture I was miserable and overweight, so that’s when I started working with @asmuspersonaltraining to learn how to properly workout (and eat). The second picture is almost exactly 2 months after the first, and while I’m far from being finished with my program(s), I can tell a big difference, especially in my shoulders and hips. I feel better, I’m starting to look better, and I have some confidence back. I can’t thank Noah enough for helping me, mentally and physically, through this process.”

Tonya, Hybrid Fat Loss Program

My Mother! For as long as I can remember she has been trying to lose weight. What better way to help her out than with her own son!

Tony, Online Fat Loss Program

My Dad! I got both parents on a program & they both killed it. My dad was special client because he has sever low back pain. We kept working out to a minimum & focused on controlling his nutrition plan. Most of his success was on nutrition & he absolutely killed it!

Emily, Online Fat Loss Program

Goal was to tone & shred up some fat!

Desmond, Hybrid Fat Loss Program

“Before I began working out with Noah, I was in a bad place. I had been neglecting my health and my happiness for years—using every excuse to justify my weight and lack of fitness. At the root of all those excuses was fear. I was afraid of failing to lose weight (again), afraid of being unwelcome at the gym, afraid of the cost, and afraid my body couldn’t do it. I was also afraid that I was going to have to face up to the fact that, deep down, I didn’t believe I was worth the effort. Then I met Noah. Noah met me where I was and never made me feel bad for having not one damn clue what I was doing. He knew exactly when to push, when to encourage, and when to back off. His knowledge of fitness and nutrition is deep and scientific, but it is Noah’s genuine passion for helping people that makes him truly special. Even though I am now continuing my fitness journey solo, Noah remains a dear friend and resource.”


Cameron, Men’s Physique Bodybuilding Prep

Top 5 Callout, 4th Place Overall

Kristen, 1 on 1 Fat Loss Program

“I’m Noah’s “OG” ( his first one on one client) we started late September of 2018. I’m slowly losing weight not as fast as I want it to come off but slowly and doing it the right way. I am definitely stronger than I was. I have more energy and learning a lot from Noah, nutrition and form when lifting. I have gained some self confidence back.. I am definitely liking my self more and more each day. Noah is great to work with!”

Jackson, Online Muscle Building Program

“I have always been a skinny guy and I’ve always wanted to do something about it.  I never really knew where to start and, though I had tried many different options, I could never put on weight.  I then came across Noah on Twitter. I never really knew him growing up, but I knew he was very well respected in the community, so I decided to go for it.  I signed up for his 16-week online training program designed specifically for me. By the end of the program I had gained 15 pounds, which is way more than I had expected, but what I was happiest about was that I finally knew how to put on muscle.  The knowledge that I gained was incredible, and it is the reason that I have recommended Noah to many of my friends and family. To give some more information about the program, after I signed up, Noah and I arranged a call to talk about the plans that he had made specifically for me. During the call he explained the program, nutrition plan, and what he expected from me. In the weeks following, I followed my plan exactly as it was written and gave feedback to Noah when he worked out with me and checked in at the end of every week.  He is clearly very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and motivated. My advice would be to reach out to him to get more information if you’re on the fence, follow the workout plan exactly as he gives it to you, and take progress pics. My favorite part about working with Noah was that, although he didn’t know me from Adam, he cared about my progress as if it was his own.”

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